Vision for better communities in West Kelowna

Who is Joe Gluska and why should you vote for him?

Joe Gluska is a strong advocate for his community, stepping in to help when needed. Joe understands that West Kelowna residents are facing many issues and understands that as a young city, West Kelowna still needs to go through a fair number of growing pains. He nevertheless feels that the end of that growing period can be in sight, with a lot of hard work and the right representation on West Kelowna City Council.

Family and Work Background

Joe Gluska moved to Casa Loma from Port Moody in the Vancouver area in 2012. Joe is married to wife Michelle, and they have two adult children, Jenny and Mike. Joe retired after 37 years of teaching, 32 of those in District 23 Coquitlam, and 5 years in the private school system. The courses he taught were Canadian History which includes government, also Law, Geography, and Comparative Civilizations.

Volunteerism - giving to the community.

Joe has been a volunteer for over 40 years. Voluntarily giving of your time and energy shows a strong character who believes in helping other. Currently he is the President of BC Community Football which has five thousand members. Joe started 9 man football and flag football for youth ages 8 to 18. The Flag tournament held in Kelowna had 2300 athletes participate over 3 days. Joe also has an extensive football coaching resume in Community, High School, BCFC (junior) and UBC.


Joe is no slouch when it comes to pursuing any goal, from helping his community to gaining education. Joe has two degrees, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master’s Degree in Education Administration.